Sidewalk improvements

As you’ve likely noticed, several sidewalks throughout our neighborhood had been damaged with cracks and raised areas from tree roots.
Our Board of Directors have been working with the Town of Cutler Bay to take care of these issues, and Cantamar was chosen as the first community within Cutler Bay for these much needed improvements.

Many thanks to our Board of Directors for their mission in maintaining our community, building upon our working relationship with the town to get this done.
Thanks also to Town Manager Rafael Casals, Mayor Tim Meerbot and the entire Commission in working with us to fulfill our mission of keeping Cantamar beautiful.
And we thank our neighbors for their patience for this long awaited improvement; please also have patience with the dust and debris that is being removed due to the demo process.
The process to do the entire neighborhood will take some time, but the community is already looking better as sections get completed.


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