No fishing on our lakes

The signage around our lakes state no fishing and no trespassing, however, we have many individuals coming into our community’s lakes to fish.
I know many homeowners feel it’s not an issue because they see it as youth ‘innocently’ fishing.

However, these individuals leave trash behind. Some neighbors walk the lake once a month picking up trash.
At least two trash bags full of garbage are collected every time (see photos).
These “kids” have even come onto our lake and destroyed our signage (see photos). A repair that comes out of our HOA funds.

Just trying to raise awareness on the negative impact these individuals are having on our lake(s) in the hopes that we as neighbors can work together to protect what is ours and work so hard to maintain.

If you see anyone trespassing onto the lake(s), you can kindly ask them to leave or you can call the nonemergency police line: 305-4-POLICE in order to have them removed.
Unfortunately, many of the individuals who have trespassed in the past have proven to be very disrespectful, yelling obscenities at homeowners, so police had to be called.

Also keep in mind that if there is a body of water in Florida, there can be an alligator.
Alligators have been spotted in our lakes in the past. So fishing is not only trespassing, but it could be dangerous!


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