March 21, 2023, 7:00 PM

Meeting called to order at 7:08 PM
In Person and via zoom
Ludovici Par—Edward & Arlene Feller Community Room
17641 Old Cutler Road
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

I. Roll Call / Establish Quorum:
Adrian Lopez Treasurer
Jeffrey Grene Secretary
Jesse Revilla Director
Orlando Munoz VP
Michelle Steele President
Also, Present: Catherine Ulrich, LCAM Lynx Property Services
Richard Ramirez, Cutler Bay Town Counsel
Rod Gibson, Communications Manager
Rafael Casals, Town Manager
Alfredo Quintero, Public Works Director
Chris Reed, Town of Cutler Bay Police Seargent

Richard Ramirez, Cutler Bay Town Counsel, and Rafael Casals, Town Manager mentioned that there is a new free transportation service called Go Connect. Also, they informed the board and owners that attended the meeting, that several projects were approved: Southplace City Center, Transit Village, Town Hall & Legacy Park, The Crossings, and The Contemporary. Alfredo Quintero mentioned that the sidewalk repairs to the community would start on March 6th.

Michelle Steele mentioned that 27 dead grass and 26 landscape violation notices were sent. Michelle Steele mentioned that she had discussed with the Property Manager that a flyer should be sent out to the HOA reminding owners of the landscape guidelines and that it is the responsibility of the residents to keep their landscape well maintained.
Michelle Steele mentioned that maybe the landscaping guidelines need to be reviewed and updated. Also, to discuss if artificial turf could be added to the landscape guidelines since most owners’ dead grass is due to the mature trees providing too much shade.

An owner received a violation to pressure clean their roof and they emailed Property Manager stating the following: A couple of years ago, I had an insurance claim for roof damage from the last hurricane. The insurance did not want to compensate me for the roof damage. They claimed that because I had my roof cleaned twice already, the damage may have been from the roof cleaning. Therefore, my claim was denied. My attorney then advised that we should try one more time and if the insurance does not compensate me because of the roof that I had done prior to the roof claim from the hurricane then I can sue my association for the claim against my roof because they felt that the damage was not from the hurricane, but from me washing my roof. The board mentioned sending it to the HOA legal counsel for advice.

II. Open Forum

III. Adjournment 8:50 pm
Jeff Grene motioned to adjourn the meeting and Orlando Munoz second, all in favor.

Respectfully prepared and submitted by Catherine Ulrich, LCAM


Meeting Minutes