As residents of Cutler Bay, Cantamar supports the Town’s efforts to “go green.”
We can all contribute to a better community and a better world
by following some of these Green Tips.

Green Tips

Together, We Can Help Fight Global Warming

The big culprit behind global warming is CO2. The less we create, the better for the planet. We can all help by taking a few simple steps, like these:

  1. Use compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs
  2. Adjust your thermostat by 2 degrees
  3. Carpool to work once a week
  4. Buy energy efficient appliances
  5. Consider a hybrid car
  6. Use reusable shopping bags
  7. Properly inflate tires
  8. Recycle


Take action. Become a Global Green activist.
Actions can add up to significant change.

Help protect the environment by stopping unwanted catalogs

This Web site allows you to decline specific catalogs, but keep the ones you really want.

Cutler Bay Goes Green

The Town of Cutler Bay is starting to “go green”. The Town Council has set aside funds for green-building initiatives including paying for consultants to direct the efforts and develop a “green” vision for our Town. They have also approved funds to purchase 2 hybrid cars for code compliance officers and a diesel pickup truck for the public works department which can run on biodiesel.
Four council members and the town manager attended a conference on green building in Chicago. They will use some of the funds to apply for a green local government certification.

Congratulations to the Town of Cutler Bay, the 1st Certified Green City in Miami-Dade County!

Cutler Bay’s Green Moratorium makes our Town the first in the South East to establish building restrictions of commercial development. The moratorium requires new developments to participate in one of multiple sustainability certification programs, including LEED (USBGC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or the Florida Green Building Coalition.

The Town of Cutler Bay’s Go Green Initiative promotes and encourages environmental responsibility in our community.

As part of its effort to be an environmentally responsible community, the Town of Cutler Bay is encouraging residents to “opt out” of receiving AT&T directories if you do not expect to use them.

Call AT&T at 866-329-7118 and request to be removed from the Local Business Directory delivery distribution list.
Please let the Town know if you have participated in this effort by contacting

Green Tips: Water-Saving Suggestions

Now that we are under once a week watering restriction due to the severe drought in our Water Management District, here are some suggestions on ways we can save water (helpful for the environment and our water bills).

  • Be sure your sprinklers are set to water on the correct days (Saturdays and Wednesdays for odd-numbered addresses, Thursdays and Sundays for even-numbered addresses). It is best to water your lawn just before dawn for the most efficient water use. This allows the water to soak in before the sun evaporates it, but does not keep the lawn so wet that it encourages mold or mushroom growth. Set your timer accordingly.
  • Keep a watering can (or pitcher) on your kitchen counter. When gathering partially drunk glasses of water to wash, pour the excess water in the watering can and use it to water your plants rather than pouring it down the drain.
  • When running water to warm up for your shower, place a bucket in the shower over the drain to catch the bulk of the water. Use this to water your plants that need extra water.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  • Most dishes do not need to be rinsed before being placed in the dishwasher. Wait until the dishwasher is full before running it.
  • Wait until you have full loads of laundry before running the washing machine, and be sure to set the machine for the appropriate water level.
  • Check out this Water Conservation Calculator for a family water audit and additional water saving tips .

If you have green tips for saving energy or water,
please e-mail them to

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These links are provided for the convenience of the Community, and the Cantamar Homeowners’ Association takes no liability nor makes any endorsements as to the services provided.