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Cantamar is a beautiful community of well-designed homes with attractive architecture built by Centerline Homes, a premier builder.
In order to help maintain the look and cohesive nature of our community, here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Are the Board members the ones responsible for sending violations?

No! In our community, Cantamar we have a Homeowners Association (HOA). Within the HOA, we have the Board and a Management Company. The Board consists of homeowners within the community that volunteer their time to serve their community. The management company is a paid entity that is in charge of collecting monthly dues and making sure our Homeowner Documents are enforced–thus violations are sent, addressed, and corrected.

If I have a problem with a payment or violation whom should I contact?

You should contact our property management company. Their contact information along with many other important and useful contacts are located on the Contacts page on our website.

Where do I send HOA dues?

Mail – Payments must be made payable to “Cantamar Homeowner’s Association”. Your payments must be mailed to the address below and must include your account number or attached coupon.
Mail Payments to Address – Synovus, PO Box 1030 Lehigh Acres, FL 339709

Online Payments Click here to Pay Now – In order to make online payments you will have to register using your account number in order to proceed. To request your account number please email to FrontDesk@LynxPropServices.com.

ACH Automatic Bank Withdrawal Form – Have your assessments automatically deducted directly from your Bank Account between the fifth and the tenth of each month. In order to register for ACH, please fill out the form and attach a copy of a voided check.

More Questions

If I have a concern, comment or recommendation for the community whom should I contact?

You could contact the Board. We always welcome feedback including comments, concerns, and or recommendations for our community. Our e-mail address is: cantamarHOAcutlerbay@gmail.com (this email address goes to your Board of Directors).

When do I need to submit an Architectural Modification form?

Anytime you would like to make a change in appearance or home improvement to the outside of your home. This includes, but is not limited to, (most common requests) putting up a fence, painting exterior of home, and installing accordion shutters. Click here for the form. Submit it to Lynx Property Services at frontdesk@lynxpropservices.com or mail it in as described below.

Once my Architectural Modification form is complete what is my next step?

Mail it to our property management office at:
Lynx Property Services
12485 SW 137 Ave # 309
Miami Fl 33186

What should I include with my completed Architectural Modification form?

Some items to include with your form that would help expedite the process are a copy of required permits (if already obtained), a picture of the area being requested to modify, a lot survey with modification indicated on the survey, drawing and/or diagram on plane view and elevated view of modification.

How do I find out what the Approved House Paint or Fence Stain colors are?

The approved colors are posted on the Architectural Guidelines page.

Where can I get a copy of the Cantamar Covenants and Restrictions?

You can download a copy on our Documents and Forms page.

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