We are justifiably proud of the harmonious nature of our community, as well as the beauty of it.
Here are a few Dos and Don’ts to help keep it that way.
These are not new rules, but rather a friendly reminder of existing rules
from our Homeowner Documents as well as some common sense items.
Please follow these to help keep Cantamar a pleasant community.

DO mow your lawn on a regular basis.

DO keep your lawn and beds weed free.

DO keep your bushes trimmed, and remove dead palm fronds.

DO pick up trash on your front lawn and swale area.

DON’T swim in the lake, or allow your children or pets to swim in the lake.

DO observe the speed limit on all neighborhood streets.

DO park your cars in your garage or driveway

DON’T park on the sidewalks, swales, or lawns.

DO let your short-term guests park on the street (emphasis on short-term; this applies to party or day guests, not relatives visiting for a week).

DON’T park (or have guests park) on the street overnight.

DO put up or close your hurricane shutters when a hurricane watch or warning is issued, and take them down or open them once the storm threat has passed.

DON’T leave your hurricane shutters up or closed for weeks or months.

DO submit a Request for Architectural Modification before making any exterior changes to your home. Click here for the form. Submit it to Lynx Property Services at frontdesk@lynxpropservices.com

DO check out the Approved House Paint and Fence Stain colors on the Architectural Guidelines page.

DO pick up after your dog when walking through the neighborhood. It’s YOUR Doodie!

DON’T let your dog bark for hours.

DO comply with local noise ordinances, and avoid excessive noise early in the morning and late at night.

DO participate in your neighborhood. Contact the Board of Directors to volunteer for the Board, a committee or other community activity. Submit your request to the Board at cantamarHOAcutlerbay@gmail.com.

DO contact the Board of Directors with any suggestions/comments and solutions regarding the neighborhood or Association. Submit your request to the Board at cantamarHOAcutlerbay@gmail.com.

DO contact the Webmaster with any suggestions for the website.

DO check out the Contacts page for other important Association and Town of Cutler Bay contacts.

DO return to this website frequently for current Cantamar information.

DO submit your e-mail address to the Webmaster to receive Cantamar updates and meeting notices.

DON’T install an above-ground pool. (Temporary kiddie pools under 3 feet are OK.)

DO make sure your house is free from stains

DON’T dry clothes on clotheslines in the back yard (this is especially an issue if the house is on a lake and a clothesline could easily be seen)

DON’T run Commercial Activities out of your home that are visible and/or affect traffic as well as aesthetics. This violates both our by-laws and local zoning laws. (Note that this does not affect home offices with no on-site customer activity.)

DON’T install a POD (or similar structure) on your property. Per Article 7.7.7 of our Documents, “no portable, storage, temporary or accessory buildings or structures shall be constructed on any lot” (with the exception of sheds that must be kept from view).