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Lost Cat

Carrie Brazer asked us to post this:

Lost Cat Coco

We lost our family cat! $100 reward.
“Coco” is very old and partially blind  and won’t let most strangers near her. When she is scared she is really loud and hisses.
She is an indoor cat. She is very old and needs her medicine.
If you see her, please call me right away and I will come get her. She frightens easily.
Last seen Dec 15, 2022 in Cantamar on 216th Street and 89th Avenue.
305-401-0640. Please help bring her home!

Did You Lose Your Keys?

A set of keys was found on SW 204th Lane on Wednesday, December 22, 2021.
If you lost your keys in that area, please contact the Board of Directors at he Board at cantamarHOAcutlerbay@gmail.com

Important Reminder: PODs

According to Article 7.7.7 of our Documents, “no portable, storage, temporary or accessory buildings or structures shall be constructed on any lot” (with the exception of sheds that must be kept from view). This includes PODs, Dumpsters, and similar “structures” which are not permitted without the prior written approval of the Association. With approval, they are permitted for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Street Parking

There have been several complaints received by the management office regarding Owners/Residents and/or Guests parking
on the Roads of the neighborhood causing hazardous conditions for other vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

At the Board meeting held on Thursday August 16, 2018, representatives from the Miami-Dade/Cutler Bay Police department as well as the Public Works Director were present. They stated that parking of Vehicles on the Roads of Miami-Dade County and therefore the Roads of The Town of Cutler Bay is prohibited in accordance with Section 30-292. Any violation of this section can result in a fine/ticket of $150 per violation. Although the police have not pursued this in recent years, that does not mean there is any safe harbor from such enforcement in the future now that it has been brought to everyone’s attention.

We ask all Association Members, Residents and their Guests to please observe these rules to avoid the possibility of being ticketed or fined, and do your best to avoid parking in the roadways and/or creating a hazardous situation. Remember, you could be held accountable, and may be liable, if anyone is injured or there is an accident caused.

Renting Out Your House?

Be sure to notify the Management Company if you are planning to rent out your house. Potential renters have to apply to rent in our community, and an interview will be held with them. Click here to read the Amendments to our Documents regarding Renters’ Screening.

Do you know what our Documents state about Parking on the Street, Lawn or Sidewalk?


Section 7.9 explicitly states that all vehicles must be parked within Homeowner’s property (driveway or garage) and NOT on the street,
NOT on the front lawn, and NOT on the sidewalk.



Do you know what our Documents state about
Signs, Commercial Banners, and Posters on our Front Lawns?

Real Estate Update

Section 7.23 of our documents states that No Signs are allowed in front of our properties except for a “For Sale” or “For Lease” sign and these are not to exceed
2 feet square (288 square inches: 24″ x 12″, 18″ x 16″). The only other sign permitted is for an “Open House.”

The rationale for this is to maintain a tidy looking community.


Publix Shopping Carts

If you come across a Publix shopping cart in our neighborhood, please call Publix at 305-235-2214, ask for Customer Service, and report its location so they can pick up.

lost_shih tzu_August7_croppedLost Dog (August 2016)

Andrea Arellano Castillo, a Cantamar resident, tells us her family
recently lost their pet dog (on or before August 7th).
She is a white Shih Tzu and answers to ‘Minnie.’
If you do happen to find her,
Andrea’s address is 20644 SW 91 Ct.,
or call her at 786-293-1792 and 305-298-8968.

Mailbox Replacement

Beautiful Mailbox Company installed the mailboxes throughout Cantamar. They still have the same model currently in the community and can provide replacements. The model is the Key West 100 in Black.
Beautiful Mailbox Company
2360 W. 76th Street,
Hialeah, FL 33016
Phone: 305-403-4820
Toll free: 1-800-856-6983
Adrian spoke with Deloris there.

Prices (Includes product, installation, and tax):

  • Mailbox (not including palm decoration w/numbers) $53.00
  • Mailbox with Post (Single, includes palm decoration and numbers) $224.70
  • Mailbox with Post (Double, includes palm decoration and numbers) $278.20
  • Post Only Single (Includes palm decoration and numbers. Using existing mailbox) $208.65
  • Post Only Double (Includes palm decoration and numbers. Using existing mailbox) $246.10

Prices subject to change without notice.


Please note that above-ground pools are not permitted in Cantamar. These are typically blue plastic, but the restriction applies to any above-ground pool. The only exception is for temporary kiddie pools under 3 feet. If you have any questions on this policy, please contact the Architectural Control Committee at cantamarHOAcutlerbay@gmail.com (put “Cantamar ACC” in the subject line).

Stray Cats

From Jacky: “We really need to somehow get the message out to our neighbors that they must spay/neuter their pets; especially their cats that live outside. I know of many neighbors that feed stray cats, but don’t take on the responsibility of spaying/neutering them. These cats are going to continue to reproduce, leaving us with an overpopulation of cats.” If you’re going to adopt a cat, become a responsible pet owner. If not, don’t start feeding one. Don’t put people like Jacky (clearly an animal lover) in the predicament she’s in now, where she may need to drop those adorable kittens off at the Miami Dade Animal Shelter, which is pretty much a death sentence.

Muscovy Ducks – Fun to watch, but a Hazard

Muscovy DucksCantamar residents are graced with enjoying a variety of wildlife, literally right in our own backyards. But residents should be aware of potential hazards posed by some of these wild animals. You’ve seen the “Muscovy” ducks. These are the ones with odd-looking “growths” (actually “caruncles”) on their faces. They actually don’t “quack” but they “hiss.”

These non-native ducks produce a large quantity of droppings, which can soil patios and seriously degrade water quality of our lakes. The droppings present a “significant hazard to the health of humans and their pets.” Inter-breeding with other species can decrease their capacity to adapt, resist disease and persist. And they can become aggressive.

How can you help? Please DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS. This will encourage them to go elsewhere, and reduce droppings. Keep your children and pets away from them and their droppings, to avoid spread of disease. The Homeowners’ Association is in the process of relocating this feral species out of our neighborhood. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Learn More.
(source: University of Florida IFAS Extension)  

Save on your wastewater bill with a Sub-meter

A great way to save money on the wastewater portion of your bill — the more expensive portion if you receive both water and sewer services — is by installing a submeter. Typically, 50% of the water used residentially is used outdoors. Installing a submeter could reduce 50% of the sewage portion of your bill.

To learn more, visit www.miamidade.gov/water/submeters.asp or call Customer Services at 305-665-7477.

Cantamar on Facebook

Become a Fan of Cantamar on Facebook, a meeting place for parents and kids (and ALL residents) in the neighborhood.

Bill Pay for HOA Dues

  • Mail – Payments must be made payable to “Cantamar Homeowner’s Association”. Your payments must be mailed to the address below and must include your account number or attached coupon.
    • Mail Payments to Address – Synovus, PO Box 1030 Lehigh Acres, FL 339709
  • ACH Automatic Bank Withdrawal Form – Have your assessments automatically deducted directly from your Bank Account between the fifth and the tenth of each month. In order to register for ACH, please fill out the form and attach a copy of a voided check.


Please Don’t Feed the Birds

We all enjoy the beautiful wildlife which graces us. However, please do not feed the birds and ducks in the neighborhood. First of all, it is not healthy for them as they become dependent on people for food. Secondly, it encourages them to use the neighborhood as their bathroom, leaving droppings on patios and porches. This is not healthy for us (particularly children playing in these areas).

Don’t Lose Your Ficus!

Ficus (Fig) Whitefly Control

The Board of Directors of the Cantamar Homeowners Association has completed treatment of the ficus hedges along 87th and 92nd Avenues and 208th Street to eliminate the Ficus Whitefly infestation.

Our Board recommends that individual homeowners with ficus plants treat their plants at the same time in order to eliminate the infestation from the neighborhood. Contact Fred Hein at TruGreen at 305-889-0654 to arrange treatment (at your own expense). Let him know you are a Cantamar homeowner.

The Fig Whitefly infestation is controlled through a two-part application of insecticides and fertilizers. Ficus are treated with a foliar application of liquid insecticide immediately followed by a root zone drench of imidicloprid systemic insecticide.

The first spraying with a liquid contact insecticide will kill as much of the active insect populations as possible and quickly stop further damage to the plants.

A systemic insecticide is applied as a root zone drench along with a liquid fertilizer. This systemic insecticide provides long-term protection against attack from new populations of whiteflies. The fertilizer helps the plant take up and distribute the insecticide and promote the new growth that will help the plant recover from the insect damage.

We are already seeing dead and dying ficus hedges along Old Cutler Road and 87th Avenue north of here. We want to prevent that from happening in Cantamar.

Read more about Ficus (Fig) Whiteflies and how to control them:
Download the Report from Miami-Dade County (.pdf).
Download the University of Florida Report (.pdf).

Well-Owners’ Tip — Beat the Rust

If you have a well and you are noticing rust stains, you could get a 30-gallon Siphoning Feeder System that attaches to your well and add Formula #2000 to it. This will significantly decrease, if not remove all together, all the rust/water hardness.

A resident spoke to Evergreen Sprinklers who delivers for free if you buy 4 gallons at a time (@ $22 each) or you could pick up from them. They also do sprinkler repairs and install the Siphoning Feeder Systems.

Warning: The Home Depot stuff doesn’t work!! I’m speaking from experience. Just thought I’d share with the neighbors before the rust gets out of control. 

Take Action

Our Management Company along with the Board of Directors needs your help. More complaints on a particular issue might help speed the process of change.

FPL Leaning Poles – Please contact Armando Llauro, FPL Project Mgr for our area, 305-387-7815.

Speeding – To report a speeding problem on your street, call the police non-emergency number: 305-4-POLICE (305-476-5423). Or Officer Mary Ann Stahl: 305-234-4237