We all like to make home improvements, and Cantamar encourages residents
to improve our already attractive community.
These improvements take us from a “subdivision” to a true “neighborhood.”
But we do have architectural guidelines to ensure that these improvements truly are
enhancements to the neighborhood
and fit in with the “look” originally established.
Please check out the Rules & Regulations before submitting your ACC form.

 Architectural Guidelines

Neighbors Beware!! Don’t make a costly mistake!!
No Changes to the exterior of any home or lot
may be commenced without prior written approval
of the Architectural Control Committee and Board of Directors!
Violators of this rule will be fined, and may incur legal fees and charges!

How to Submit Your Improvement Plans

The Request for Architectural Modification form is available here (click to download).

Submit the completed form to Sugeily at T&G Management at admin@tgms.com along with your plans, photos and samples (see page 2 of the Form for requirements). She will forward your application to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for the committee to review. They will turn it around as quickly as possible and get it back to her. T & G will send out the approval or disapproval letter. Allow up to 30 days for approval.

Note that if your improvement requires a permit, you must submit a copy of the permit to T&G Management. If it is not practical to submit the permit with the application, the ACC will make your approval subject to receipt of permit. You will need to mail in a copy of the permit once you get it.

New Architectural Guidelines: Metal Roofs (August 2020)

The Board in keeping with the times and in an effort to consider new and improved construction materials with what appears to be an increase in Hurricanes and their intensity have approved Metal Roofing in the community. This new roofing system will increase substantially the wind uplift resistance from these Storms and will also increase property values as a home with a metal roof will be more desirable to purchasers.

Please be advised that you must submit an architectural application to change your roof.

 Rules & Regulations

These Rules & Regulations were developed by your fellow neighbors, approved by the Board, and filed with Miami-Dade County. They act as a supplement to the Covenants and Restrictions to help direct homeowners in their planned home improvements.

Please be sure to refer to these prior to submitting your plans for approval. It will assist in getting your plans approved.

Download Rules & Regulations (.pdf)

In November 2018, to clarify and provide additional Guidelines for the Landscape section of the Rules & Regulations above, the Board of Directors and Architectural Control Committee set forth the following Guidelines for minimum standards for Landscaping:

Additional Landscaping Guidelines (.pdf)

New Architectural Guidelines (October 2015)

In order to provide consistent Guidelines, the Architectural Control Committee and the Board of Directors held a Workshop on October 7, 2015. The following new Guidelines were adopted by the Board at their meeting on October 14, 2015.

  1. Fences Along the Lake — The “Metal Railing Fence” Guidelines are hereby modified to state that metal railing-style fences that back up to the Lake may be considered for approval up to 5 feet in height to match the neighbors’ fence line. Where one side may be 4 feet tall and the other neighbor 5 feet tall, it shall be a decision by the homeowner in their submittal.
    In addition no spikes or spires on top are permitted (only flat rail)
    Wood — As to those particular areas where the wood fencing protrudes past the side wall on the lake, these will be considered by the Committee and the Board on a case by case basis as there are two locations where these conditions currently exist. The rule remains the same and only consideration will be granted if asked in those particular areas. (Editor’s note: These instances referred to have been grandfathered in and the homeowners involved have been notified that any future changes will need to abide by the rules as stated.)
  2. Driveway Expansion — Driveway expansion shall only be permitted with the prior written approval of the Architectural Control Committee and/or the Board of Directors. Only minimal expansion of up to 5 feet in width shall be considered for approval and only with matching pavers as are already approved, and where the driveway is located in such a manner on lots as to only accommodate one car in depth. The apron of any driveway approved for such expansion shall match the footprint of the expansion and be completed in one continuous pouring of concrete from the sidewalk to meet the street.
  3. Additions to the rear of a home — Additions to the rear of a home shall only be permitted with the prior written approval of the Architectural Control Committee and/or Board of Directors. Additions may be approved by the Committee and/or Board only using the same materials as the main structure of the home. Only the same textured and painted stucco finish, roof pitch and design and same roof tiles may be utilized. Additions shall not exceed the drainage/percolation requirements of Miami Dade County nor the Town of Cutler Bay. Additions shall not extend into any easements and shall not extend beyond any side wall of a home. All such additions must obtain the Building permits from the Town of Cutler Bay and/or Miami Dade County.

Approved House Paint Colors

The approved house paint colors are available at Sherwin Williams. View the colors at sherwinwilliams.com.

Body color:
Totally Tan SW6115
Harmonic Tan SW6136
Clary Sage SW6178
Baguette SW6123
Anjou Pear SW6381
Humble Gold SW6380
Urban Putty SW7532
New colors added November 2018:
Latte SW6108
Song Thrush SW9112
New stucco colors added May 2019:
Biscuit SW6112
Universal Khaki SW6150
Perfect Greige SW6073

Garage, Entry Door and Trim color: Dover White SW6385

Approved Fence Stain Color

The approved fence stain color is available at Benjamin Moore dealers.

Fence color: Hidden Valley solid color stain

Mailbox Replacement

Beautiful Mailbox Company installed the mailboxes throughout Cantamar. They still have the same model currently in the community and can provide replacements. The model is the Key West 100 in Black.
Beautiful Mailbox Company
2360 W. 76th Street,
Hialeah, FL 33016
Phone: 305-403-4820
Toll free: 1-800-856-6983
Adrian spoke with Deloris there.

Prices (Includes product, installation, and tax):

  • Mailbox (not including palm decoration w/numbers) $53.00
  • Mailbox with Post (Single, includes palm decoration and numbers) $224.70
  • Mailbox with Post (Double, includes palm decoration and numbers) $278.20
  • Post Only Single (Includes palm decoration and numbers. Using existing mailbox) $208.65
  • Post Only Double (Includes palm decoration and numbers. Using existing mailbox) $246.10Prices subject to change without notice.


Please note that above-ground pools are not permitted in Cantamar. These are typically blue plastic, but the restriction applies to any above-ground pool. The only exception is for temporary kiddie pools under 3 feet. If you have any questions on this policy, please contact the Architectural Control Committee at admin@tgms.com (put “ACC” in the subject line).