ACC Form

Arch Guidelines 2

Request of Architectural modification

Our commitment to a wholesome lifestyle extends beyond our doorstep. Cantamar Homeowners are required to submit plans for all exterior improvements/alterations for approval to the Architectural Control Committee prior to installation. Work may not begin until this request has been approved. In addition, a copy of all required permits are to be provided by the homeowner to the property management company prior to the commencement of the project. 

All improvements must be completed within six (6) months of the approval date or application will be void. Approval of this form could take up to 30 days.  Please allow ample time for approval.

Our goal is to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Please indicate below what type of change or alteration you wish to make. Be specific, indicating type of material, color, shape, style, dimensions, etc. In order to process this request, the following must be attached: A COLOR PHOTOGRAPH OF THE ENTIRE FRONT OF THE HOUSE, a photograph of your house where proposed changes will be performed, a copy of the Site Survey with the proposed modifications drawn on the survey, the appropriate drawings showing both a Plan View and an Elevation, and specifications of proposed modifications.

Addition – Pergola, Screen Patio

Awning – Patio, Balcony

* Sunbrella material.


* Gem Paver System 9845 NW 118 th Way Medley Fl 33178 305 805 0000


* Mullions – Maximum of 3 horizontal, no wider than 2″


Hurricane Shutters


Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Lighting – landscape lighting, garage sconces

Outdoor Storage Shed

Paint Exterior and Trim

Play Structure – Kids Playground



Choose roof material

* Existing roofs cannot be painted.


Choose Windows Color

18″ Satellite Dish

Disclaimer / Release

The Cantamar Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors, the ACC Committee Members and the Management Company will not be held responsible for any damage or liabilities caused by or arising from any acts as a result of actions taken by any homeowner’s vendors or contractors pertaining to any installations and/or modifications made to said property and indemnify them for all losses, costs, expenses and attorney’s fees in connection with any such actions. Please arrange for and forward a copy of the building permits, if applicable, to the Property Management Company prior to the installation or construction to said property. Also, forward a copy of a signed County Inspection Approval upon completion. At any time, the ACC Committee, Board of Directors of the Association and/or the Property Management Company may ask for same documents and has the right to demand that said installation and/or construction be removed immediately at owner’s expense if said modification i s not what was approved by the ACC, Board of Directors, or the Property Management Company. I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Covenants and Restrictions of the Association. By signing this application, and in return for approval, I agree to the following:

  • To be responsible for all losses caused to others, including common areas, as a result of this undertaking, whether caused by me or others;
  • To comply with all state and local building codes; For any encroachment(s);
  • To comply with the conditions of acceptance (if any);
  • To complete the- project according to the approved plans. If the modification is not completed as approved, said approval will be revoked and owner, at the owner’s expense, shall remove the modification.
  • To acknowledges that drainage swales have been designed and established between homes (side yard) to carry storm water off and to maintain positive drainage away from home. The Association and/or developer shall not be responsible for any effect proposed landscape installation might have on drainage. The applicant shall be responsible- for all associated costs to maintain drainage. The Homeowner is responsible for any costs associated with irrigation modifications as a result of this alteration.
  • To assume maintenance responsibility for any new landscaping beds altered from the original landscape design and any plant materials added to original beds that require specialized maintenance. (e.g. topiaries, etc.)
  • To be responsible for ensuring that all areas affected b y the project (e.g. sod, sprinklers, etc.) are restored to their original condition. Failing that, the homeowner is responsible for all costs necessary for the HOA to properly restore the area.

I also understand that the ACC does not review and assumes no responsibility for 1he structural adequacy, capacity or safety features of the proposed construction, alteration or addition; for soil erosion of incompatible or unstable soil conditions; for, electrical or any other technical design requirements for the proposed construction, alteration or addition; or for performance, workmanship, or quality of work of any contractor or of the completed alteration or description.

I agree to abide by the decision of the Architectural Control Committee or Board of Directors. If the modification is not approved or docs not comply, I may be subject to court action by the Association. In such event I shall be responsible for all reasonable attorneys’ fees.