Our Board of Directors works tirelessly to keep Cantamar a nice community
to raise our families and know our neighbors.
This page details some of the Actions of the Board of Directors; items they and our Property Manager
have been working on for our Association.
A lot of what the Board does is behind the scenes and isn’t visible to the Homeowners.

Board of Directors Meetings

If you have any issues you’d like the Board to address, please e-mail cantamarHOAcutlerbay@gmail.com.

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February 2022 Actions of the Board

Even though it’s been a while since we posted an update (and the Board’s Actions have mostly been just routine items like pressure washing, tree trimming and budget approval), the new Board is starting with a clean slate and has provided the following information:
The newly appointed board met February 15th and agreed the priority is to replace T&G Management as they have decided to move on. We have collected several RFPs and are in the process of analyzing differences in management styles and which company would be the best fit for Cantamar. Time permitting, we plan to have the top companies present at the next Board meeting for community input.

June 2021 Actions of the Board

It’s hot and humid—summer in South Florida. But at least things are starting to open up some—a lot different than last summer. Whether out and about or staying in, your Board of Directors continues to work on keeping Cantamar looking great!

  1. The Board approved 2 new paint colors and a new style Bronze door with windows

  2. Muscovy Duck Collection was completed, removing these unsanitary creatures from our neighborhood.

  3. The Board sent new Landscape Guidelines to all residents.

  4. Spring Leaf Cleanup was completed

December 2020 Actions of the Board

We hope all our residents had a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. With 2020 coming to an end we say farewell (and good riddance). Hopefully 2021 will bring better things all around. In spite of Covid-19, your Board has been busy working to keep things running smoothly in Cantamar.

  1. At the August Annual Meeting, there was no quorum to hold the Election, so your current Board will continue to serve.
  2. We have continued to hold our Meetings via Conference Call, making sure that the business of the Association is still getting done.
  3. We approved metal roofs in terra cotta as an option for re-roofing, as well as new gazebo guidelines.
  4. We updated the landscaping at the entrances.
  5. While we were unable to hold any of our usual in-person Fall events, we were able to hold the Turkey Raffle (giving the winner a Visa gift card so they could shop wherever they wanted and weren’t limited to just turkey) and the Christmas/Holiday Decorating Contest (see the Home or Events pages for photos of the Winners)

July 2020 Actions of the Board

We’ve hit the mid-point of 2020 and hope all our residents have been staying safe and healthy. Needless to say, the Safer-at-Home order has halted much activity by the Board, but prior to that we were very busy, and have also been able to have some projects by outside vendors completed this spring. We would like to thank all the individual Board members, Committee Chairs and members, James Popadak and his team at T & G Management Services, and the Cutler Bay Police Department for their service to our community and job well done during these challenging times.

  1. We hosted our usual late fall activities with the Turkey Raffle, Visit from Santa, and Christmas Decorating Contest.
  2. We held another Special Meeting to approve a new amendment. After not reaching quorum twice, we dropped the effort.
  3. We approved Removal of Muscovy Ducks from the neighborhood.
  4. We completed Street Sweeping and Pressure Washing of common area sidewalks.
  5.  Lake Gates for access in emergencies and for landscape and lake treatment service access were installed.

October 2019 Actions of the Board

Now that we’re well into Fall, maybe there’s a slight chill in the air… or maybe we’ll feel it soon.Your Board of Directors has been busy this year working to keep our community in great shape!

  1.  We hosted a Mardi Gras Party at the Sandbar Sports Grill.
  2.  We worked with Management and our vendors to enhance the landscaping of the Main Entrance Park, including planting palms around the swale area of the Park.
  3.  Once again Management scheduled the Spring removal of leaves in the streets, keeping our neighborhood looking neat.
  4.  This summer, we held our Annual Cantamar Landscape Contest, where we recognized some Homeowners who went above and beyond to beautify their own corner of Cantamar (see the winners on our Home Page).
  5.  We worked with the Architectural Control Committee to select and approve some new paint colors in our community to keep the community looking fresh and up-to-date.
  6.  Along with our Social Committee, we planned the upcoming Visit from Santa and Holiday Decorating Contest. Watch for details posted on this website soon.

February 2019 Actions of the Board

Once again your Board has been very busy. We hope all our residents had a great fall and holiday season, and are enjoying 2019 so far.
  1. Going back to last fall, we sponsored another successful and popular Halloween Party, as well as our Turkey Raffle, Visit from Santa event and Christmas/Holiday Decorating Contest.
  2. We met with the Town’s new Mayor, Mr. Tim Meerbott, to discuss parking issues along 208th Street.  He indicated that the status quo would prevail due to legal limitations.
  3. We have been discussing a 5 year plan for the community to include such issues as landscaping, security, and hurricane prep/recovery.
  4. We worked with our Social Committee to plan our 2019 Social Events including our upcoming Mardi Gras Party at the Sandbar on March 2nd.

July/August 2018 Actions of the Board

Cantamar is already a beautiful neighborhood, but this summer has been about making it even more beautiful:

  1. On July 18, 2018, S. De Jesús-Zayas, President HOA, Cantamar; James Popadak, Property Manager for Cantamar, and Maggie Hurtado met with Maria Elena Levrant, Chief of Constituent Services for Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava, District 8; David Cardenas, Chief, Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department; Antonio Ruiz, Jr. Division Director Department of Transportation and Public Works; Yanek Fernandez, Traffic Engineering Division, Dept of Transportation and Public Works; and Armando Vilaboy, Dept of Transportation and Public Works  to discuss clean up and maintenance of the canal on 87th Avenue as well as its embankment.
    The meeting allowed the different M-D departments to acknowledge the existence of the canal and to clarify which departments were in charge of the waterway and embankments in regard to their clean up and maintenance.
    We’re hoping to see an improvement in the appearance of the canal area and in the near future incorporating it into our overall beautification plan.
  2. And speaking of our beautification plan, the Board has hired the services of a Landscape Architect, Arturo Díaz-Llompart, to beautify and enhance the appearance of the front entrance. This is a project scheduled for next year.
  3. The Board held the Annual Cantamar Landscape Contest, where we recognized some Homeowners who went above and beyond to beautify their own corner of Cantamar (see the winners on our Home Page).

May 2018 Actions of the Board

Your Board has been very busy since last fall (so busy, we hadn’t updated this page). With Memorial Day approaching and signaling the beginning of summer, we wish all our residents a safe and happy holiday weekend and a wonderful summer! Here are a few things we’ve been working on for the community:

  1. Going back to last fall, we sponsored another successful and popular Halloween Party, as well as our Turkey Raffle, Visit from Santa event and Christmas/Holiday Decorating Contest.
  2. We contacted the Town and Miami-Dade County regarding beautifying canal by our front entrance (87th Avenue). The County’s hired a contractor who is currently cleaning the vegetation and hurricane debris all along the canal. Barring additional rain set-backs, the work should be done beginning the last week of May.
  3. We have contacted landscape architects as the Board looks to enhance the appearance of the main entrance.
  4. We had our Manager contact FPL regarding light posts across Cantamar that have been stripped of their color coating due to time and inclement weather, and look forward to these repairs being completed soon.
  5. Our Manager let us know that we will be doing the annual spring Leaf Removal this month. This was delayed by all the rain, but we hope to have it completed in late May/early June.