Our Board of Directors works tirelessly to keep Cantamar a nice community
to raise our families and know our neighbors.
This page details some of the Actions of the Board of Directors; items they and our Property Manager
have been working on for our Association.
A lot of what the Board does is behind the scenes and isn’t visible to the Homeowners.

Actions of the Board Cantamar HOA Cutler Bay Florida

If you have any issues you’d like the Board to address, please e-mail admin@tgms.com (put “Cantamar Board” in the subject line).

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July/August 2018 Actions of the Board

Cantamar is already a beautiful neighborhood, but this summer has been about making it even more beautiful:

  1. On July 18, 2018, S. De Jesús-Zayas, President HOA, Cantamar; James Popadak, Property Manager for Cantamar, and Maggie Hurtado met with Maria Elena Levrant, Chief of Constituent Services for Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava, District 8; David Cardenas, Chief, Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department; Antonio Ruiz, Jr. Division Director Department of Transportation and Public Works; Yanek Fernandez,Traffic Engineering Division, Dept of Transportation and Public Works; and Armando Vilaboy, Dept of Transportation and Public Works  to discuss clean up and maintenance of the canal on 87th Avenue as well as its embankment.
    The meeting allowed the different M-D departments to acknowledge the existence of the canal and to clarify which departments were in charge of the waterway and embankments in regard to their clean up and maintenance.
    We’re hoping to see an improvement in the appearance of the canal area and in the near future incorporating it into our overall beautification plan.

  2. And speaking of our beautification plan, the Board has hired the services of a Landscape Architect, Arturo Díaz-Llompart, to beautify and enhance the appearance of the front entrance. This is a project scheduled for next year.
  3. The Board held the Annual Cantamar Landscape Contest, where we recognized some Homeowners who went above and beyond to beautify their own corner of Cantamar (see the winners on our Home Page).

May 2018 Actions of the Board

Your Board has been very busy since last fall (so busy, we hadn’t updated this page). With Memorial Day approaching and signaling the beginning of summer, we wish all our residents a safe and happy holiday weekend and a wonderful summer! Here are a few things we’ve been working on for the community:

  1. Going back to last fall, we sponsored another successful and popular Halloween Party, as well as our Turkey Raffle, Visit from Santa event and Christmas/Holiday Decorating Contest.
  2. We contacted the Town and Miami-Dade County regarding beautifying canal by our front entrance (87th Avenue). The County’s hired a contractor who is currently cleaning the vegetation and hurricane debris all along the canal. Barring additional rain set-backs, the work should be done beginning the last week of May.
  3. We have contacted landscape architects as the Board looks to enhance the appearance of the main entrance.
  4. We had our Manager contact FPL regarding light posts across Cantamar that have been stripped of their color coating due to time and inclement weather, and look forward to these repairs being completed soon.
  5. Our Manager let us know that we will be doing the annual spring Leaf Removal this month. This was delayed by all the rain, but we hope to have it completed in late May/early June.

October 2017 Actions of the Board:

Temperatures have moderated ever so slightly—Fall is here. It’s been a busy Summer and early Fall (partly thanks to Hurricane Irma) for your Board:

  1. Worked with the Town of Cutler Bay to get Saga Bay’s southern wall landscaped to improve the aesthetics across from our main entrance.
  2. Worked with the Town to fix poor drainage on 92nd Avenue and 206th Street.
  3. Requested the Town label 208th Street a RESIDENTIAL street so that only Cantamar homeowners (or their guests) with stickers can park in the parking slots currently being taken by trailers and other commercial vehicles. This request is still pending.
  4. After Hurricane Irma, conducted three inspections to determine damage, extent of damage, and how to best intervene.
  5. Worked with Richwood and the Town of Cutler Bay to coordinate pick up of debris.
  6. Ordered “Cantamar” signs to replace those that had blown away during Hurricane Irma.
  7. Coordinated with Terri Party Planners and our Social Committee to organize the Halloween Party.
  8. Began planning our Holiday Events, including Turkey Raffle, Christmas/Holiday Decorating Contest and Santa’s Visit to Cantamar.

April 2017 Actions of the Board:

Spring is in the air (which means it feels like summer already). It also means your Board has been busy since the last update last November:

  1. Last fall we held a Turkey Raffle, our Santa Comes to Town event, and our popular Christmas and Holiday Decoration Contest.
  2. Just a few weeks ago we held our first (hopefully, annual) Mardi Gras street party.
  3. Our Landscape contest was a big success with many homeowners really sprucing up their yards. There were so many great-looking yards that we awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners plus 2 honorable mentions.
  4. Coming up in July we will be celebrating Independence Day by setting USA flags throughout the front lawns in Cantamar.
  5. In response to our complaints to the Town, a drainage system was installed on 92nd Ave to prevent that area from flooding during periods of heavy rain.
  6. Trees were trimmed throughout the neighborhood for improved appearance and vigor to maintain the beautiful tree canopy throughout Cantamar.

November 2016 Actions of the Board:

Boy, did this year fly by quickly! Here we are almost to the holidays again. That’s always a busy time of year, and your Board has certainly been busy:

  1. Worked with our new Social Committee Chair to plan and execute our annual Halloween party which was another big success. Coming up are the Turkey Raffle at Thanksgiving and the Christmas Decorating Contest (of course, any holiday decorations make the neighborhood festive, and all will be considered in the contest).  We are looking forward to planning next years’ events.
  2. Distributed a newsletter addressing the types of signs that are allowed on homes as well as parking issues. Your Board is always working to ensure the community continues to look tidy and organized.

June 2016 Actions of the Board:

The heat is on; summer is back in South Florida. Your Board has had a busy spring:

  1. Continued working on the front entrance to enhance the beauty of our neighborhood.
  2. Continued our off-duty police patrols to maintain safety.
  3.  Had the streets cleaned of heavy leaf fall.
  4. Held our 2016 “Beautiful Landscape” Competition.
  5. Continued to monitor the aesthetics of our community to ensure it remains highly sought out. Homes for rent or sale don’t stay on the market for long, and property values have continued to increase.

March 2016 Actions of the Board:

Spring has sprung! Your Board had a busy Fall and Winter:

  1. Coordinated our popular Fall Holiday Events: The Halloween Party was a huge success again with costumes, contests, pizza and candy. Santa visited Cantamar (even in the rain) with cookies, juice and chocolate milk; and we collected toys for the Cutler Bay Police Toy Drive. Awarded prizes in our Christmas decorating contests with winners for the Most Traditional and Most Colorful displays.
  2. Announced our most Beautiful Landscape contest — the winner will be selected in April
  3. Made Landscaping improvements to the front entrance
  4. Continued working on enhancing curb appeal on all houses in Cantamar by monitoring issues pertaining to: paint, roofs, swales, stains, light fixtures, landscaping, fences, etc.  As a result of our efforts, property values continue to increase at a “healthy rate” in Cantamar. Although our community is ten years old, its pristine condition belies its age making it a desirable spot to live. Cantamar has proven that it can retain/enhance the value of its homes. In fact, the lowest rental in Cantamar at the present time is $2,300 per month and the last three homes on the market were sold for more than the asking price.
  5. Held a special meeting with the Town and its representatives. As a result, the wall bordering Saga Bay has been landscaped (it was dilapidated and due to it’s proximity to Cantamar it affected our community’s “curb appeal”). We also learned from the Town that Cantamar (and surrounding neighborhoods) remains one of Low Criminal Activity, and the criminal activity that does take place is “opportunistic” mostly occurring at the Old Cutler Center (where people leave their wallets in an open car, for example).

 August 2015 Actions of the Board:

As the new school year approaches, we hope everyone had a wonderful summer. In spite of the summer heat, your Board has been busy:

  1. Continued working on getting violations corrected with special emphasis on roofs that need to be cleaned.
  2. Celebrated Independence Day by placing American flags in front of every home on July 4th.
  3. Working on a Prettiest Landscape award.
  4. Working with the County and the Town of Cutler Bay on a Traffic study regarding speeding issues in the neighborhood.
  5. Street trees throughout the neighborhood were pruned.
  6. Common area Sidewalks are being pressure washed (work began Monday, August 10th).

February 2015 Actions of the Board:

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!
Your Board has been working on the following to keep Cantamar such a great place to live:

  1. For the first time ever, we were able to decorate the front entrance with festive lights for the holidays.
  2. Santa came to Cantamar—another great event, and another wonderful collection of toys for the Cutler Bay Police Toy Drive.
  3. Held the Christmas lights contest—the neighborhood was so festive with all the beautiful displays. Congratulations to the winners.
  4. Raffled off a Thanksgiving Turkey. Congratulations to those winners, too.
  5. Presently working on methods to slow speeders on SW 206th St. It is very dangerous the way some people drive. Be sure to keep within the speed limit in our neighborhood for everyone’s safety.
  6. We are preparing for the HEAT game outing later this month, as well as a picnic this Spring (date/info to be announced later).