Cantamar is a great community of well-maintained single-family homes
located in the Town of Cutler Bay, Florida (south Miami-Dade County).
We are well-located just minutes from shopping, major highways and Black Point Marina.
Our strong Homeowners’ Association with low fees
maintains Cantamar as a safe and attractive family-oriented community,
and also sponsors fun and free activities for both children and adults.

Welcome to our Website

The Cantamar Homeowners’ Association
maintains this website to keep our residents and the community informed
about our great neighborhood.

As always, any suggestions or comments are welcome!
Just email

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Upcoming 2023 Fall/Holiday Events

Your Social Committee is busy planning Events for the Neighborhood this Fall and Holiday Season.
Watch for more details coming soon.

Halloween Party — Sunday, October 29th, time: TBD, location: cul-de-sac on 88th Avenue

Holiday Cantamar Decoration and Tree Lighting — date and time: TBD, location: main entrance park off 87th Avenue

Holiday Decorating Contest — judging week of Dec 18th – Dec 20th
(photo is of last year’s winner; can you do better than this??)

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Community Update

Your Board of Directors and Management Company have been working on some improvements to the Community.

The following items were completed in August:

Building entrances were washed and painted.

Community signs were replaced, before & after below.

Exterior community was pressure washed.

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No Quorum for our
Cantamar Homeowners’ Association

Annual Meeting and Election


Annual Meeting and Election

Our Annual Meeting and Election was held on Tuesday, August 15th at 7:00 pm

We did not have a quorum to hold the Election
so the current Board will continue to serve for another year.

Thanks to our Board members, Michelle Steele, Orlando Munoz, Adrian Lopez, Jeff Grene, and Jesse Revilla,
for their service to the community this year.
We look forward to another great year in Cantamar!

* * * * * * *

Searching for a New Web Designer for Cantamar

The Waltons have been managing our website and email communications since 2006. 
However, they are now retiring, and we need to find someone to take over these projects.  There is a budget within the HOA to compensate for services. 
Before we start an outside search, we want to see if there’s anyone in the neighborhood with the qualifications below that would like to take over
as our new “Webmaster,” or maybe know someone in the area you’ve worked with and can recommend.

Upcoming projects:

The Board is also requesting a new look for the Website.


• Ability to work with the Board and Management to get input/requirements for new website, and continued communication to keep it up-to-date

• skills to set up the new site and maintain it, including information changes and plug-ins updates
(Current site is WordPress. Skills in other platforms [i.e. Wix, SquareSpace] will be considered.)

• Familiarity with hosting and name servers

• Design skills (experience working with layout/format, fonts, colors, etc.)

• Photography and PhotoShop skills 

• Use of MailChimp  (or similar email programs) for sending emails to community announcing meetings and events,
along with any other requests from the Board and Management. We have a free MailChimp account. 

• Must be local to South Florida

If you are interested in this position, please contact Tatiana at with your qualifications/resume.
The Waltons will vet any responses and pass them on to the Board/Management for consideration.

* * * * * * *

Announcements from the Board and Management

•  The Association needs one more member to participate in the grievance committee. Who would like to participate?
If you would, please contact the Board at or Management at

•  Lakes are off limits for fishing and dumping. See story below.

* * * * * * *

No Fishing on our Lakes

The signage around our lakes state no fishing and no trespassing, however, we have many individuals coming into our community’s lakes to fish.
I know many homeowners feel it’s not an issue because they see it as youth ‘innocently’ fishing.

However, these individuals leave trash behind. Some neighbors walk the lake once a month picking up trash.
At least two trash bags full of garbage are collected every time (see photos).
These “kids” have even come onto our lake and destroyed our signage (see photos). A repair that comes out of our HOA funds.

Just trying to raise awareness on the negative impact these individuals are having on our lake(s)
in the hopes that we as neighbors can work together to protect what is ours and work so hard to maintain.

If you see anyone trespassing onto the lake(s), you can kindly ask them to leave or
you can call the nonemergency police line: 305-4-POLICE in order to have them removed.
Unfortunately, many of the individuals who have trespassed in the past have proven to be very disrespectful,
yelling obscenities at homeowners, so police had to be called.

Also keep in mind that if there is a body of water in Florida, there can be an alligator.
Alligators have been spotted in our lakes in the past. So fishing is not only trespassing, but it could be dangerous!

* * * * * * *

Spring Outdoor Clean-Up Time

Spring is a time of renewal, which makes it the perfect time to take a look at your home’s exterior and landscaping
to be sure everything is in tip-top shape including landscaping, irrigation, pressure cleaning, painting and fences.
See flyer below for details and click on it for a link to our Landscaping Guidelines.
There are also some Landscape Standards further down on this page.

Click here for printable PDF of this Flyer
(Landscape Guidelines link is clickable in the PDF).

Note that even though the deadline in the Flyer has passed, it’s always a good idea
to keep your home’s exterior and landscaping up to standards to avoid violations
(and keep Cantamar looking great!).
Management will continue their regular inspections on an ongoing basis.

* * * * * * *

New Property Manager at Lynx

Please welcome Aileen Borges as our new Property Manager at Lynx.

She can be reached at:
Phone: 305.251.2234 ext. 5218

Owner Contact Information Form

Lynx is updating Owner Contact Information.
If they do not have your current contact information,
please click here for the Owner Contact Information Form
and submit it to Lynx at
or by mail to 12485 SW 137 Ave, Suite 309, Miami, FL 33186

* * * * * * *

Thanks to Alfredo Quintero,
Cutler Bay Director of Public Works
For Attending Our March Meeting

We were privileged to have Director of Public Works for the Town of Cutler Bay, Alfredo Quintero,
attend our March Board of Directors meeting.

FEMA Flood Insurance Rating Update

Mr. Quintero shared with the HOA the FEMA letter stating effective April 1, 2023
the Town of Cutler Bay will be a Class 3 in the
National Flood Insurance Programs (NFIP) Credit Rating System (CRS).

This means all Owners that have a property in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)
will automatically save a 35% discount in their flood insurance premiums.
Click here for the FEMA letter so you can provide it to your Insurance agent
when it is time to renew your flood insurance.

* * * * * * *

Sidewalk Improvements

As you’ve likely noticed, several sidewalks throughout our neighborhood
had been damaged with cracks and raised areas from tree roots.
Our Board of Directors have been working with the Town of Cutler Bay to take care of these issues,
and Cantamar was chosen as the first community within Cutler Bay for these much needed improvements.

Many thanks to our Board of Directors for their mission in maintaining our community,
building upon our working relationship with the town to get this done.
Thanks also to Town Manager Rafael Casals, Mayor Tim Meerbot and the entire Commission
in working with us to fulfill our mission of keeping Cantamar beautiful.
And we thank our neighbors for their patience for this long awaited improvement;
please also have patience with the dust and debris that is being removed due to the demo process.
The process to do the entire neighborhood will take some time,
but the community is already looking better as sections get completed.

* * * * * * *

2023 Budget Approved

Our Board of Directors approved the 2023 Budget at the meeting on January 12th.
The good news is that the monthly Dues decreased slightly to $57.73.

Coupon Books are being printed and will be sent out as soon as they are ready (within 3 weeks or less).

If you paid $60 in January, your account will be credited for the $2.27 difference.

For a copy of the approved Budget,
you can email our Manager, Aileen at

* * * * * * *


New Architectural Control Committee Rules effective June 2022

Your Architectural Control Committee and Board of Directors approved
new Architectural Control Committee Rules in June 2022.
These include paint colors, door styles, roof types and colors, windows, exterior lights,
paver colors, and color combinations.
Please be sure to check these rules before planning any improvements.

* * * * * * *

Santa Visits Cantamar

Santa visited Cantamar on Saturday, December 17th.
The kids (and a few adults) shared their wish lists and enjoyed some hot chocolate & cookies!

Santa visits Cantamar

Click here for more photos from the Event.

* * * * * * *

Congratulations to the Winners
of our Christmas/Holiday Lighting Decoration Contest

First Place Winner
(will receive a $50 prize)

20660 SW 91 Court

2022 Decorating Contest Winner

Honorable Mentions
(will each receive a $25 prize)

8973 SW 206 Street

2022 Decorating Contest Honorable Mention 8973

9113 SW 206 Street

2022 Decorating Contest Honorable Mention 9113 * * * * * * *

Halloween Party

Cantamar Annual Halloween Party
A Huge Success!!

Our annual Halloween Party, held on Sunday, October 30th, was a huge success.
We had a spooktacular turn out, with close to 200 of our residents.

The kids and families enjoyed arts & crafts activities, making potions, costume contests,
musical chairs, popcorn, snowcones, and golf cart trunk-or-treating.

Our Social Committee would like to extend a big thank you to all of the volunteers that came out;
we could not run this event without you! 🧡🎃👻

Click here for more photos of the event!

* * * * * * *

Our community-wide garage sale was a great success; we had a total of 11 homes that participated.

The Social Committee advertised the event within local social media, with a post to save the date a week prior to the event
and an updated post on Friday 7/15 including the map, showing each home participating.

We also placed signs on Friday afternoon all along the entry points to the neighborhood and the surrounding areas,
a printout of the garage sale map was available at our park and a QR code was also created for digital access to the map.

We hope the sellers had a great success, and we would love to have any feedback sent to

Thanks to all who participated, either as sellers or buyers!

* * * * * * *

Updated Dues Payment Information

Due to some older stories still on the website (which have now been removed),
there has been some confusion on how to make Dues payments.
This is the latest information from Lynx Property Services.
Of course, you can always pay using your coupon book.

  • Mail – Payments must be made payable to “Cantamar Homeowner’s Association”. Your payments must be mailed to the address below and must include your account number or attached coupon.
  • Online Payments Click here to Pay Now – In order to make online payments you will have to register using your account number in order to proceed. To request your account number please email to
  • ACH Automatic Bank Withdrawal Form– Have your assessments automatically deducted directly from your Bank Account between the fifth and the tenth of each month. In order to register for ACH, please fill out the form and attach a copy of a voided check.

* * * * * * *

Trees near the Property Line

property line trees

Trees growing on or near the property line can cause conflicts and even lawsuits between neighbors. Here are some things to consider with such trees:

  • A tree near a property line belongs to the neighbor who owns the ground where it’s growing. Your survey will show the exact boundary line.
  • If a tree’s trunk lies directly on the boundary line between properties, it is assumed as owned by both neighbors.
  • Where branches from a neighbor’s tree extend over the boundary, the property owner may trim the branches back to the boundary line. Trimming must not injure or kill the tree.
  • Spreading roots of large trees can damage fences, curbs and sidewalks; liability for the damage falls on the tree’s owner.
  • If a branch that extends over a property line bears fruit, the fruit belongs to the tree’s owner—no picking without permission.
  • A tree’s owner is not responsible for clearing fallen leaves  from a neighbor’s yard.
  • If a storm sends a limb from your tree through a neighbor’s roof, you might not be liable if you can show that the tree was healthy. But if the tree was in bad shape, you might have to pay to repair the neighbor’s property.

This information is from, click here for the full article.

* * * * * * *

Tree Trimming

The Association will be conducting tree trimming on the swale trees this year in October/November. We ask that owners not trim the swale trees. There are clear guidelines on how trees should be trimmed and several owners have severely damaged some of our trees by hat-racking and other improper cutting.

FYI, here is some information about basic Pruning Standards and more detailed Tree Care Standards.

* * * * * * *

Let’s Keep Cantamar A Great Place to Live!!

As a member of the Association and a resident of Cantamar, you play an important role in making your home and the common areas a better place to live and creating a community we can all be proud of.

Each Cantamar resident has certain responsibilities to ensure that your home and the community are maintained at a higher level by complying with the laws (Covenants and Restrictions, also called CC&R’s) that govern our community.

I am sure that we can all agree, we chose to live in the Cantamar Homeowners’ Association for the peace of mind that our property values and our investment would be upheld due to the city ordinances and restrictions related to the use of our property. HOAs (Homeowners’ Associations) add yet another layer of restrictions and prevent our neighbors from painting their homes neon pink with polka dots!

Your Board of Directors and Management have diligently maintained the common areas with several improvements such as the recent upgrade of the Landscaping; however, several residents consistently wait until they receive a violation letter and have ignored certain neighborhood standards which raise property values.


Restrictions and Architectural Guidelines maintain the aesthetics and add value. Here are some guidelines that must be followed:

  • Keep your house painted and in good repair, including gutters, garage doors & fences
  • Maintain your roof and pressure wash
  • Pressure wash your driveway, sidewalk, and apron, and perform repairs when necessary
  • Do not park vehicles on the street overnight preventing EMS vehicle access
  • Also do not leave bicycles, scooters, toys in your front yard overnight
  • Keep your mailbox painted and post in good working condition
  • On the day trash is collected, move your trash bins from the curb into your garage and not on the side of your home or in front of your home; make sure any trash around your property is discarded in trash bins and not left on the lawn or street
  • Maintain your landscaping according to landscaping guidelines and remove dead palm fronds
  • Mow, edge, and water your grass regularly
  • Trim your bushes and shrubs regularly
  • Keep your flower beds and lawn weed free
  • Apply pesticides and fertilizers to your lawn
  • Curb your dog and dispose of the bags properly
  • Get approval for any changes to your home before making them

Fortunately, many of our homeowners are compliant with the CC&Rs; however, there are times that violations occur and need to be addressed. To help continue to preserve the aesthetics and appeal of the community, it is helpful to periodically review the documents and comply with these guidelines.

Thank you for your continued compliance, your support and your on-going help in maintaining Cantamar as the premier community in Cutler Bay.

* * * * * * *

Dog Waste Notice

dog waste story

Complaints have been received from residents of the community regarding dog waste on the grounds. There has been an increased volume of dog waste that has been found on the common areas owned by the HOA as well as on the private front and side lawns of residents.

If you are a dog owner, please be respectful of your neighbors’ property as well as the common grounds of the Association. In case you are not aware, Miami-Dade County Law requires that pet owners pick up after their pets and properly dispose of their waste. Furthermore, animal fecal matter serves as a food source for ratsand will encourage a rat infestation if it accumulates on the grounds of the community. A rat infestation, once it is established is a health hazard in itself and is very difficult to completely extinguish. Furthermore, “People used to think dog feces was harmless; it was considered fertilizer when in fact it contains more bacteria and chemicals than human feces, spreads parasites, and pollutes our water supply,” says J. Retinger, CEO of BioPet Labs.

Abide by County Law or Risk Fine

All dog owners are urged to abide by the law so that the unsightly and unhealthy appearance of dog waste on the grounds can be eliminated. Please be reminded that pet owners who fail to abide by the County Law can be fined by the County and in cases of repeated violations, the pet can be deemed a public nuisance in which case the County can remove the pet from the premises. If you observe a dog walker not picking up after the dog’s waste, please report it to Lynx Property Services immediately. And, if possible, please take a photo of the person and the dog with a cell phone or camera as the photo may be very useful in identifying the violator.

Residents are asked to take pride in the community by adhering to the community rules and County Law regarding disposal of pet waste. If all pet owners within the community practice proper pet waste disposal as mentioned above, the health hazard created by pet waste on the community grounds can be eliminated. The Board and Management thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

* * * * * * *

Landscape Standards

Our goal is to establish landscaping criteria to enhance our Community’s beauty and increase its value while adhering to the Association’s Rules & Regulations.

In order to clarify and provide additional Guidelines for the Landscape section of the Rules & Regulations of 2007, the Board of Directors and Architectural Control Committee set forth the following Guidelines for minimum standards for Landscaping.

Landscape maintenance shall include quality maintenance of all trees, shrub, ground cover, annuals, turf grass, irrigation systems, treatment of any disease, fungus or pest and periodic fertilization.

1. Turf areas should be regularly cut and edged to maintain a consistent appearance of quality.

2. If a lawn is 25% or more weeds, bare ground, or dying grass it must be restored/replaced. A suitable alternative to sod on the easement between sidewalk and curb would be a ground cover such as jasmine, ARC approval will be required.

3. All damaged plant material, including but not limited to ground cover and sod, shall be removed and replaced with replacements that meet landscape material and maintenance requirements set forth in these Guidelines.

Front yard shall include:

  • Minimum of 1 shade tree or three palms at a minimum height of 6, 8 and 10 feet at time of planting.
  • At least 1 landscape bed no smaller than 8′ X 12′ containing a minimum of 20 shrubs/flowering plants.
  • Shrubs shall be planted underneath the windows of the front wall facing street to provide a softening buffer to the length of the frontage wall of the home.
  • Shrubbery or hedge must be maintained regularly and shall not exceed 4 feet in height. Length and thickness of choice, provided it does not encroach on sidewalk or pedestrian traffic.
  • All landscaped areas shall be primarily grass and shall not be covered with gravel, mulch or any artificial surface. Under no circumstances shall open unplanted mulch areas be acceptable.
Landscape to Emulate

Tree Removal

Trees are community assets. Before any trees are removed, a request must be submitted and approved. Requests to remove trees shall include a diagram depicting the approximate location of all existing trees and their types, along with the trees to be removed, the reason for their removal and a copy of Miami-Dade County Permit or Certification from Arborist.

A tree removal/relocation permit is required for the removal or relocation of any tree within Miami-Dade County not specifically exempt under the Environmental Code of Miami-Dade County.

For details on any of the above information, samples of approved plants, and additional photos of lawns to emulate or unacceptable lawns please check out the Landscape Standards document (.pdf).

* * * * * * *

Architectural Modifications

Please, Please, Please!
Do not make any changes to your home without prior Association approval!

Please do not make any changes to the exterior of your home or lot without first seeking advisement from the Management and
executing an application to be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

Failure to follow this protocol can, and will, result in violations and fines being levied on your account.
The Association may also notify the Town of Cutler Bay and/or Miami-Dade County if the change warrants a permit.

Request for Architectural Modification form can be downloaded here,
or you can contact Lynx Property Services at

* * * * * * *

Signs Policy Reminder

Cutler Bay great neighborhood Real Estate Update

Signs are not permitted on the properties.
The only signs permitted are as described in the documents in section 7.23.

Section 7.23 of our documents states that No Signs are allowed in front of our properties
except for a “For Sale” or “For Lease” sign and
these are not to exceed 2 feet square (288 square inches: 24″ x 12″, 18″ x 16″).
The only other sign permitted is for an “Open House.”

So if you have any other signage it will need to be removed.

* * * * * * *

What to do if you find
a Wayward Publix Shopping Cart

Publix logo

If you come across a Publix shopping cart in our neighborhood,
please call Publix at 305-235-2214, ask for Customer Service,
and report its location so they can pick up.

* * * * * * *

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