Cantamar is a great community of well-maintained single-family homes
located in the Town of Cutler Bay, Florida (south Miami-Dade County).
We are well-located just minutes from shopping, major highways and Black Point Marina.
Our strong Homeowners’ Association with low fees
maintains Cantamar as a safe and attractive family-oriented community,
and also sponsors fun and free activities for both children and adults.


Welcome to our New Website

We are pleased to introduce the new
Cantamar Homeowners’ Association website.
We have updated the site with a more contemporary look
(it was about time after 10 years!) featuring more and larger photos.
We hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

As always, any suggestions or comments are welcome!
Just email

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Cantamar Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Monday October 31st
6:00 to 8:00 pm

in the Cul de Sac on SW 88th Avenue

This is our biggest event of the year!

Pizza Drinks Candy Bags

Bounce House Slide Popcorn Machine
Cotton Candy Machine

Kids’ Contests:
•  Bobbing for Apples
•  Dress the Mummy
•  Best Costume Contest

New This Year:
Golf Cart Decorating Contest

All winners will receive great prizes!

Let’s make this the best party yet!

Note that this event is for Cantamar Residents only.

* * * * * * *

2017 Budget Approved


At the October 20th meeting our Board of Directors adopted the 2017 Budget.
Once again, there will be no increase in dues.

* * * * * * *

Town of Cutler Bay
Public Involvement Meetings

On behalf of the Mayor and Town Council, you are cordially invited to attend
a series of Public Involvement Meetings to discuss the Town’s Traffic Calming Master Plan.
The Town contracted with a Professional Engineering Firm (Marlin Engineering, Inc.)
to host a series of Public Involvement Meetings in order to engage the community and
give residents the opportunity to voice their concerns.

Your thoughts and input are important to us. We hope to see you and hear your opinions.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 7:00 pm
Whispering Pines Elementary – Cafeteria, 18929 SW 89 Road

 Thursday , November 10, 2016, 7:00 pm
Cutler Bay Senior High – Auditorium, 8601 SW 212 Street

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Public Works Department at (305)234‐4262
or if you are not able to attend the meeting please email us at: TrafficCalming@cutlerbay‐


Many thanks to Maria Hurtado, chair of the Traffic Calming and Speeding Concern Committee
for her efforts on behalf of the neighborhood, and for providing the information on these important meetings.
Let’s get a great turnout from Cantamar (either in person or by email) to make our voices heard.

* * * * * * *

Town of Cutler Bay Zoning Meetings

Public Involvement Meetings

On behalf of the Mayor and Town Council, you are cordially invited to attend a series
of Public Involvement Meetings to discuss the Town’s New Aquatic Facilities.

The Town contracted with a Professional Engineering Firm (Wolfberg Alvarez & Partners)
to host a series of Public Involvement Meetings in order to engage the community
on its vision for a new Aquatic Facility.
Your thoughts and input are important to us.
We hope to see you and hear your opinions.

Thursday, October 27, 2016, 6:00 pm
at Town Hall — Council Chambers, 10720 Caribbean Blvd, Suite 115

* * * * * * *


Do you know if you’re Covered?

Finger pressing keys on alarm keypad

We are fortunate that crime isn’t much of an issue in Cantamar, and we want to keep it that way!
Each of us needs to maintain layers of protection to help keep crime out.
Our attractive community can be a temptation to thieves. Let’s make sure we’re not an easy target.
Ensure you monitor and report any suspicious activity, lock all doors, and activate your burglar alarms.
CONFIRM that ALL your windows and doors are protected — not just a few.
Some of you who have bought homes from previous owners might think all your windows and doors are protected
when this might not be the case.
Contact your alarm company to check on your coverage, and be sure you have the protection you want.

– – – – – –

Who’s at your Door?

 It’s always important to be cautious when opening the doors to strangers.
If they say they’re representing a utility company, make sure that they show you their credentials.
You may want to consider getting an intercom, or a high-tech doorbell you can respond to from your phone
whether you are home or not, so you don’t need to open your door to people you don’t know.

– – – – – –

Do you know what our Documents state about
Parking on the Street, Lawn or Sidewalk?


Section 7.9 explicitly states that all vehicles must be parked within Homeowner’s property (driveway or garage)
and NOT on the street, NOT on the front lawn, and NOT on the sidewalk.

HOWEVER, we understand that when we have guests, they do need a place to park so parking
Parking is not allowed on the sidewalk or the front lawn. Vertical parking across the lawn is NOT permitted.
This TEMPORARY street parking is for party or day guests (it does not apply to overnight guests visiting from out of town).
Overnight street parking is NOT allowed.

– – – – – –

Do you know what our Documents state about
Signs, Commercial Banners, and Posters on our Front Lawns?

Real Estate Update

Section 7.23 of our documents states that No Signs are allowed in front of our properties
except for a “For Sale” or “For Lease” sign and
these are not to exceed 2 feet square (288 square inches: 24″ x 12″, 18″ x 16″).
The only other sign permitted is for an “Open House.”

The rationale for this is to maintain a tidy looking community.

* * * * * * *

Area Road Work

Road ConstructionFranjo Road Closings for Water Main Work

The Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department will perform a Water Main Installation
along Franjo Road from Caribbean Boulevard to SW 92 Avenue.
Franjo Road will be closed between 7:00am and 5:30pm except for local traffic during the duration of the project.
Traffic will be detoured both North and South bound to Holiday Road.

The work will be done in two phases.
The first phase will close Franjo Road from Caribbean Boulevard to SW 196 Drive detouring traffic to Holiday Road.
The second phase will close Franjo Road from SW 196 Drive to SW 198 Terrace, again detouring traffic to Holiday Road.
(Click on the phase to see Detour Map for that phase.)

The project will begin on July 5, 2016 and tentatively be completed around October 7, 2016.

Access for Local residents, Miami-Dade Solid Waste, United States Postal Service,
Emergency vehicles and Special Needs School Buses will be maintained in the Work Zone during temporary road closures.

* * * * * * *

Our Cantamar Softball Team
comes close…


At the end of the Spring 2016 regular season,
Team Cantamar softball team was in 1st Place with a record of 8-2.
But the playoffs were a heart-breaker:
we were ahead by 3 runs going into the 7th inning,
but couldn’t hold on, and lost 13-12.

We are now (late September) about midway through the Fall season and our record is 5-2.
We are currently in second place.

* * * * * * *

Looking Good!

 For several years, the Association has been looking for a company
to clear the streets of the heavy leaf fall that happens twice a year in the Spring and Fall.
We had asked the Town of Cutler Bay to do this for the community,
but they said since the roads didn’t have curbs it wouldn’t work.

Our Manager continued to work to locate a company that could actually perform the job
the way he envisioned, with two workers with backpack blowers clearing from the sidewalk,
blowing everything into the street and then the sweeper truck picking up the leaves and debris.
Finally, he found “CPM Services” that could provide these services.
Not only did they do this service, but it was at such a reasonable cost,
the Board couldn’t help but give them a try!

It proved to be a great service which we intend to do 4 times a year:
twice each for the Spring and Fall leaf drop.

swale_clean1 swale_clean2 swale_clean3 swale_clean4

* * * * * * *

Cutler Bay: the 16th Best Place in Florida
to Invest in Real Estate

Real Estate UpdateCutler Bay ranked 16th in Nerdwallet’s 2015 review of 227 Communities in Florida.

The consumer-based economic site based their ratings
on the marketability of homes, affordability, growth and tax rates.
To read the article and see what other communities made their list, visit their website.

And, of course, Cantamar is one of the premier communities in Cutler Bay!

May 2016 Update

(thanks to Pete Quintas, board member and local Realtor)

Cantamar has become one of the most desirable communities
to purchase a single family home in the Town of Cutler Bay.
Sales are starting from $300,000 to $409,000.
The average days on the market in Cantamar is 90 days.
There are six homes currently active in Cantamar ranging from $300,000 to $399,000.

The median home value in Cutler Bay is $267,500.
Cutler Bay home values have gone up 10.9% over the past year.

Renting Out Your House?

Be sure to notify the Management Company if you are planning to rent out your house.
Potential renters have to apply to rent in our community, and an interview will be held with them.
Click here to read the Amendments to our Documents regarding Renters’ Screening.

* * * * * * *

2016 “Beautiful Landscape” Competition Winners

Drum roll please!

The Winner is 8744 SW 206 Lane
for their somewhat technical look and magnificent maintenance…
never a blade of grass out of place nor a weed to behold!


Landscape2016_Winner_2The winner will be recognized with a sign in front of their home,
and a $50 gift certificate to Home Depot.

There were also two Honorable Mentions:


20515 SW 89 Avenue


Landscape2016_HonorableMention_2064220642 SW 90 Place

Congratulations to these beautiful Landscapes!
And to all who spruced up: the neighborhood is looking great!

The judges would also like to commend our Past Winners
for maintaining their beautiful lawns:

2015 Winner: 8831 SW 204th Lane

2014 Winner: 8984 SW 206th Street

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